Aircraft Accessories

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The Decathlonv - High wing trainer Whether you're a model builder or are just looking for the odd aircraft spare, we can help!
Stockists of aircraft accessories from leading brand suppliers including SLEC, Ripmax, Flair, Radio Active, Flightline, Perkins, Dubro to name but a few.
Control Systems
Flying surface control accessories including control horns, bellcranks, bowden cable, pushrods, snakes, torque rods, clevices, snap links etc.
Nuts, bolts, screws, collets, threaded bar, rod extenders, wing bolts and captive nuts, hinges and much more.
Manual Fuel Pump
Spinners A good range of IC and electric props by Zinger, APC and Master Airscew. Prop adaptors, prop nuts etc.
Spinners of every size and colour to suit your model including aluminium spinners in most sizes.
Wheels & Undercarriages
Aircraft wheels for your model. Scale wheels, foam wheels, rubber wheels etc. Tail wheels and related components. Large and small wire undercarriages and saddle clamps.
Fuel Tanks and Fueling Accessories
Tanks by Flightline, Slec in sizes 2 to 14 oz in various styles. Fuel tubing, fuel line clips, valves, stoppers, manual and electric pumps, filters etc. Everything you'll possibly need to get your model running.
Field Equipment: See At The Field
Anything else we might have missed such as Servo tape, scale pilots, wing tape, engine mounts and other miscellaneous accessories for the aircraft modeller.