At The Flying Field (Nitro Engine)

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The Decathlonv - High wing trainer

So, you're ready to fly and find yourself at your local club's flying field. What else are you likely to need in your toolbox?
Although only for your guidance, this page outlines the very basic requirements to get your internal combustion engined model started.

OK, sounds obvious but if you forget it, you're going nowhere!
If you're not sure what type of fuel you require, either ask at your club or call into our shop. We stock the Model Technics range of fuels in both half and full gallon containers.
Fuel Pump
Transferring your fuel from the container into your model's fuel tank can only be achieved with a fuel pump. Available either as manual, hand-wind or 12v DC electric, a fuel pump is an absolute must for the model flier.
Manual Fuel Pump
Glow Starter & Plugs
A glow starter is required to heat the engine's glowplug for starting. Once your engine has fired, the glow starter is removed.
Glow starters are available as rechargeable or as lead-types that clip onto a 1.5 - 2.0v lead acid battery which is usually stored in your flight box.
Power Starter
There are still some fliers who start their models by spinning over the prop' by hand. Usually, these guys can show you one or two 'battle scars' from where the prop' hit their fingers. By far the safest and most effiective way to start your engine, is by way of an electric (12v DC) high-torque starter.
Battery Charger
Again, not a neccessity but very handy to have is a multi-function charger. Nothing is more frustrating than arriving at the field only to find your transmitter or aircraft batteries are low. Most chargers allow you to charge both your transmitter and receiver batteries from a 12vDC power source.
Flight Box
And related equipment.. Not an absolute must but really handy to have. Containing everything you're likely to need at the field. Holding all the above items, also includes an electric flight panel which will provide you with all the correct voltages and sockets for the starter, pump etc.
Available in kit form or ready - built,

At The Flying Field (Electric Flight)

You'll need Spare propellers, Batteries, charger, batteries, and more batteries!!

Make your flying experience an enjoyable and SAFE one!