Electric Aircraft Accessories

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The Decathlonv - High wing trainer Whether you're a model builder or are just looking for the odd aircraft spare, we can help!
Stockists of electric aircraft accessories from leading brand suppliers including Etronix, Ripmax, Tornado, Radio Active, Flightline, Perkins, Overlander to name but a few.
There are many common model aircraft accessories that apply to both fuel-driven or electric flight. At Nitroflight, we cater for both. If you're new to electric flight, and find yourself daunted by the terminology and specifications, just ask.
We're here to help!
Lithium Polymer (LiPo) Batteries
We stock a good range of quality batteries including NiCad, NiMh and of course LiPo's from various leading brand suppliers including Overlander, Team Orion and Logic. We usually carry LiPo's from 1S (3.7v) to 5S (18.5v) but regularly place special orders for much larger batteries on behalf of our customers. Please call for more information.
Lipoly Batteries from Nitroflight models
Lipo Charger Lithium Polymer (LiPo) Chargers
An absolute must for the electric flier is a good field charger. We stock a broad range of chargers by Logic and PowerTech in both AC only and AC/DC formats. Most good LiPo chargers these days charge between 1-6 S Lipo's (3.7v to 22.2v)
Electrical Connectors & Wire
Connectors stocked include Deans, EC3, Tamiya, Golds, XT60 etc. Also a good range of Silicone wire, in various guages and heat sink to suit. Servo extension leads from 100mm to 1000mm both JR/Spektrum and Futaba.
Plugs, Wires and COnnectors for the electric Flyer from Nitroflight models
Battery testers & checkers from Nitroflight Models
Battery Condition Checkers
There are loads of gadgets on the market these days but some are more important than others! LiPo low voltage alarms and cell checkers come quite high on the list.
We stock a good range of brushed and brushless motors. Inrunners, outrunners of varying power and output. Todays brushless motors offer incredible performance at incredibly low costs and are therefore gaining in popularity within the sport. So if you're flying an indoor shocky or a large aerobatic outdoor model, there's a motor to suit your requirements. Give us a call for more information.
Brushless Motors, Speed Controllers from Nitroflight Models
ESC's (Speed Controllers) from Nitroflight Models Limited. ESC's (Electronic Speed Controllers)By Etronix, Tornado, GWS to name just a few ranging from 6A to over 100A. A reliable speed controller is a crucial component in your electric set-up. so we have worked hard to find reliability at the right price on your behalf.

Anything else we might have missed such as Motor mounts and cages, huge stocks of electric propellors, prop' adaptors from 2mm to 7mm, prop' savers and a boundless enthusiasm to help you with any help or information that we can. Call in and see for yourself.
Prop's, Prop Adaptors and Motor Mounts from Nitroflight Models