Electric Helicopters

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Gone are the days when Radio Controlled Helicopters were only owned and flown by the more affluent modeller.
Now within everyone's reach, you can own and fly a true radio controlled model helicopter for under 100 pounds.
OK, there are toys on the market that profess to be helicopters but their limited control makes them just what they are - toys.
Our range of Indoor Electric Models, fully supported by a every conceivable spare you'll ever need includes models from J Perkins and Century models. Technology is moving at a pace and now, with the dawn of the Lithium Polymer (Lipo) batteries and prices falling in real terms, there are some incredibly good bargains to be had. The hobby has opened up to a much wider audience because of this and more and more people are enjoyiing this challenging and rewarding pastime.

Fixed Pitch or Collective Pitch?

Fixed pitch and collective pitch refers to the blades of the helicopter. Fixed pitch means exactly what it says. The pitch (angle of attack) of the blades remains fixed which means that this type of helicopter cannot perform aerobatics or be flown inverted.Generally speaking, fixed pitch helicopters tend to be more 'stable,' more sedate than their counterparts and so make for the perfect first helicopter. Collective pitch means that as throttle is applied and the rotor speeds up, the pitch or angle of attack of the blades changes (positive or negative) creating more lift or more down thrust respectively.

Helicopter Collective Pitch Head
This type of helicopter can be configured so that when throttle is applied, negative pitch is introduced at the blades enabling the model to be flown inverted.

3 Channel and 4 Channel Models

3 channel helicopters are great fun and easy to fly. Usually regarded as 'toys' they're relatively inexpensive and there are literally thousands of different ones on the market. We usually stock a couple of different types of 3 channel heli's which are fully backed-up with spares
One of the largest 4 channel electric helis on the market
Good example of a 4 Channel electric Helicopter
4 Channel Models tend to be more expensive but for a reason. These models are the first true Radio Controlled Model helicopters and usually are controlled by more expensive radio equipment. If it is your intention to progress onto larger scale RC model helicopters then the 4 channel heli' is the ideal first-timer model.
Twister Helicam
The fabulous Twister Helicam 4 Channel electric helicopter. Video, stills and audio recording
If you'd like more information or would like to see one of these models flying, just call in and ask. We're more than happy to drain a battery.