First Person View (FPV)

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Feel The Action!!

I've often described the flying of RC models as an adrenalin pastime. Feeling the fear as your aircraft leaves the ground, handling no-power landings, flying inverted for the first time etc.
A new dimension is now possible for not only the fliers amongst us but RC car, boat, multi-copter enthusiasts alike.
Sit yourself in the seat as it were and control your model from your own view out of the cockpit!
If you're not comfortable wearing goggles or prefer to be able to see your models at the same time, then consider a separate FPV Screen.

FPV Screen with inbuilt Diversity receiver
FPV Screen with sun visor
HD Screens are available (as above) with in-built multi-channel video receivers and prices start at around the £100 mark. Some even include DVR's (Digital Video Recorders) which enable you to record your FPV experience.

Everything You Need To Enjoy FPV

A micro Video FPV Camera with inbuilt Transmitter
FPV Camera with in-built 40ch Video Transmitter
Video transmitters (Vtx) send the signal from the camera to either your Video Receiver (Vrx) (screen or goggles) and is usually transmitted on the 5.8Ghz frequency so as not to interfere with the 2.4ghz signal that is used these days to control your RC Model.
Video Transmitters come in all shapes and sizes. Some, (like the one pictured left) are incredibly tiny devices which house the camera, Vtx and Antenna. Ideal lightweight solution for your RC car, Boat or RC model aircraft,
We stock everything you'll need to get your FPV model up and running Including HD Screens, Goggles, Video Transmitters, Video Receivers, Cameras, Batteries to connectors.
FPV Connectors, plugs in stock
As you probably are aware if you know us guys at Nitroflight, we want you to have as much fun as we do but will always insist that you do it safely and equally as important, LEGALLY.!
There are rules and regulations that you must adhere to when flying FPV and so to remain within the law and for a more in-depth explanation, we suggest you follow this link.....FPV-UK
Stocking FPV gear by Fatshark, Immersion RC, Eachine, Ares and others