Radio Equipment
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Aircraft Radio

Stockists of leading brand radio control equipment including Futaba, Sanwa, Hitec, JR, Spektrum, Acoms, Cirrus to name but a few. 2.4Ghz radio systems are at the forefront of technology these days and so most of our professional radios are 2.4ghz.
The technology has had time to 'settle' and the glitches ironed out and the frequency takes us to the next level of robustness, reliability and efficiency.

DSMX Technology of the Spektrum range of radios

Other Radio and frequencies (non-aircraft)

For surface models or for use other than flying, we stock radios by Planet, Futaba, Spektrum and prices start at around 29.99 for a complete radio set.
The Futaba and Spektrum radios are of the pistol-grip type, usually used for radio controlled cars or boats.
Stick - type radios can also be used for surface models but only on frequencies other than 35MHz (Aircraft Only)
We stock receivers for most frequencies including 27MHz AM and FM, 40MHz AM, FM, 35MHz and 2.4Ghz. For the electric flier, we stock micro receivers for installations where weight is an issue.

Radio control system crystals (transmitter and receiver) are available by special order and are usually in stock within the week.

Radio control equipment from Nitroflight Models

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Before you make your choice of Radio equipment, please see the Radio Frequency Guide