Which Aircraft?

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The Decathlonv - High wing trainer

Whether you're a first- time flier or an experienced pilot, we carry a broad range of models to suit everyone's requirements.

New To Flying?

It seems everyone wants to fly a Spitfire. It's true, most of us do but we have to be honest with our customers when we're asked if they are a good model to learn with. Sadly, the answer is NO! Attempting to fly a low-winged aircraft as your first model usually will end in disappointment.......and quickly!

The Ripmax Spitfire. Not for the new flier

New fliers are advised to fly a high - wing, trainer aircraft as their first model, be it either electric or nitro (See the Decathlon picture above).
A Trainer aircraft offers the pilot inherent stability due to the configuration of the high wing where the centre of gravity is BELOW the wing. Capable of mild aerobatics, is not the purely for the beginner. Indeed, some RC model fliers stick with the high-winged models due to their forgiving and enjoyable flight characteristics.

Park fliers

Are a great place to start. 3 and 4 channel versions are available.
3 Channel models give the flier control over throttle, rudder and elevator. The 4 channel models give you total control with power, elevator, aileron and rudder.
Our most popular beginners aircraft is the Art-Tech Wingdragon which is a 4 Channel ready to fly model complete with 2.4ghz radio, batteries and charger.

Intermediate to Advanced

Once you have perfected and are comfortable with all aspects of high-wing aircraft flying, you might consider a mid or low winged model. This is where the world becomes your oyster with regards to choice. Usually, more agile, faster and aerobatic but less forgiving, the low-winged models include everyone's favourite....the Spitfire. Most of the popular 'warbirds' are available as models as well as their aerobatic counterparts like the Edge, Pitts Special, MX2 etc.

Consider joining a local club where you'll get all the help you need in learning to fly.

Whatever your experience or needs, why not call in and see us or call us on 01709 377250 and we'll be happy to answer any of your questions.

RC Model Aircraft from Nitroflight Models
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