Which RC Car Should I Buy?

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So, you've decided to purchase a radio controlled car?
You'll soon become aware that the choice seems endless. Trawling through the many internet sites may serve only to confuse you further as to which model to choose.

Let's try and simplify things for you.
There are really only two questions you need ask yourself when choosing a model car.

Question 1:
Where do you want to run it?
(Flat surfaces only - short grass/gravel - anywhere) IF the answer is flat surfaces only then you could consider a road car.
Answer short grass/gravel and you should consider a buggy and finally
if you have answered 'anywhere' then you should seriously be considering a monster truck.
Question 2:
How much do you want to spend?
That's it!. If you've answered both questions then you have made your choice on the type of RC Car and your budget. The only thing left for you to do now is to decide on which brand you prefer.
Touring Car
Usually based on a 1:10th scale, can be purchased both electric powered or nitro-powered. Road cars tend to sit very low to the ground and the small amount of clearance under the chassis dictates that the running surface should be smooth. These models are not designed for jumps RC Touring Car
Commonly available in either 1:10th or 1:8th scale (although you can go bigger), the Buggy-type vehicles tend to have larger wheel and therefore a higher ground clearance. Ideal for short grass, gravel or flat surfaces. RC Buggy
As its name implies, the Truggy sits somewhere between the Buggy and the Truck. With the durability, and size of a monster truck ,and the handling and speed of a buggy, it's simply a matter of choice between the Buggy, Truggy or Truck. RC Truggy
Monster Truck
Again, available in 1:10 and 1:8 scale these nitro-powered models are ideally suited to off-road or rough terrain. Largely due to the large wheels and tyres and also the heightened ride height of the chassis, they are the 'go anywhere' trucks.
Large Scale (1:5 or 1:6 Scale) Monster trucks are avialble but these models tend to be powered by 2 stroke 23 or 26cc petrol engines.
RC Monster Truck

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